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Why is my membership so important?

  • Your membership with NARAL Pro-Choice Washington is essential to our political strength.
  • Our ability to influence government policy is largely based on the number of paid members we have, making policy makers aware of the tens of thousands of pro-choice citizens we represent in Washington State.

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How does my donation make a difference?

  • Your contribution is our primary revenue source for all of our activist work, and our political work cannot be paid for with any other source of funding.
  • Your contribution will help NARAL Pro-Choice Washington expose the voting records of anti-choice candidates in our state.

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What will my contribution support?

  • NARAL Pro-Choice Washington has been in existence since 1973 and your support helps keep us one of the strongest and most effective NARAL affiliates in the county.
  • Your contribution supports our ambitious voter registration, identification and education campaigns, which target pro-choice Washingtonians in critical legislative districts in order to ensure that our state remains one of the most pro-choice in the nation.
  • Your contribution supports our Students for Choice program, which recruits and trains young pro-choice activists at high schools and colleges across the state.
  • Your contribution maintains and expands our powerful presence in Olympia, which has kept Washington State free of restrictions on abortion access, making us one of only seven states in the U.S. that places no restrictions on choice.

Click here to contribute. If you would like information about funding a particular program, please contact our Development staff by calling 206-624-1990 or email us.

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