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Like so many of you, we were shocked and appalled to wake up Wednesday morning to find out that our dream of electing a deeply qualified, truly compassionate, and dedicated pro-choice woman as President had not been achieved. Instead, Americans chose a fearful, narrow path that leads to great uncertainty. Only time will tell what impact this new President and his hateful agenda will have on the women, LQBTQ community members, people of color, and immigrants of this country. 

But we can't give up, and we WON'T give up, because our country, and our state, depend more than ever on leaders and advocates who fight back against the tide. Again and again, we've seen hope and love triumph over fear and hate, and we can do it again, with your help. Donate today to help NARAL Pro-Choice Washington make our state an example of what reproductive freedom looks like!

While news like last night's can seem overwhelming, we have an urgent message to all our members and supporters: Don't give up. We DO have victories to celebrate, and we DO have hope. At times like these, our mission becomes even more critical. Washington State is solidly pro-woman and pro-choice, and its voters showed their dedication to the values we all share last night by putting pro-choice champions in office--from Governor Jay Inslee, to 41st District state Senator-elect Lisa Wellman, to Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal.

You are a crucial part of these achievements. Thank you for fighting with us.

Electing a president is not the only way to exercise democratic participation or political consciousness. Your contribution helps us fight every day for a pro-choice future. The challenges ahead--protecting and expanding access to reproductive health care, creating an economy that works for all, including the most vulnerable, and fighting to preserve the rights of women, including the right to safe, legal abortion care--may seem insurmountable today. But let's remember that here in Washington, we don't give up--we fight back and we lead

Donate today, and be part of a positive future for our state and our nation. We look forward to tackling the challenges ahead, because no matter what happens, we are still stronger together.

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