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Legislation to Watch

The Reproductive Parity Act (SB5009/HB1044)
Washington women need the freedom and privacy to make the reproductive healthcare decisions that are right for themselves and their families. 
It's time to understand that denying insurance coverage for abortion interferes with a woman's decision making. The Reproductive Parity Act requires that insurance plans that cover maternity benefits also cover abortion. This will leave a woman's decision about her pregnancy with her and her family, not her insurance plan. 

Washington State has a long history of ensuring a woman's ability to make the decision to have an abortion. Voters in Washington, and around the country have rejected policies that jeopardize that decision making. As Washington continues implementing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) we need to ensure that the anti-choice driven administrative barriers included in the ACA don't result in decreased access to all reproductive health including abortion. Healthcare reform is changing the healthcare landscape and the RPA is necessary to protect a woman's decision making and empower women to keep their families strong. 


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