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Have you been to a limited service pregnancy center? Too many women don't know about these centers' deceptive and manipulative tactics. Help get the word out.


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You Decide/Usted Decide

You Decide/Usted Decide: A Guide to Reproductive Health Options and Services in Washington State is a free bilingual English-Spanish resource guide for accessing reproductive health care and safe abortion services.

Download our free guide in English or Spanish on how to access reproductive health care. Click here to download the bilingual directory of women's health care clinics in Washington state.


You Decide/Usted Decide provides:

  • A comprehensive, user-friendly overview of reproductive health care issues
  • Updates on womenís reproductive rights in Washington State
  • Information on financial assistance for birth control, emergency contraception, abortion methods, and family planning services
  • How to apply for government funding for abortion services
  • A directory of safe and licensed abortion providers by geographic region
  • All information is provided in Spanish and lists clinics where women can access bilingual services


Having access to information is half the battle.

While there is a wealth of information regarding reproductive health care and abortion services online, too often critical pieces of information are missing, especially information translated into Spanish: How do I apply for assistance to help pay for an abortion? Where in my city is Plan B available on a walk-in basis? What is the difference between a safe abortion provider and a crisis pregnancy center?

You Decide/Usted Decide is the most up to date and comprehensive source of information and resources available in our state in English and Spanish, and is available at no cost. This guide is part of NARALís larger work to preserve and improve access to reproductive equity for all Washington women.

And below, you can read about current barriers to accessing family planning care:limited service pregnancy centers have sprung up across the country as a source of anti-choice propaganda targeting women facing an unintended pregnancy;an ongoing state budget crisis is jeopardizing low-income women's access to birth control and other basic reproductive health care; and clinic violence has reduced access to abortion care.

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